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Handmade wallets from Dutchiz

Beautiful handmade leather wallets.

Handmade wallets from Dutchiz

The wallets are made in my own studio.

Each item is different in color, shape and structure. This is because the leather is dyed by hand and I consciously ensure that every product is different and therefore unique.

The ostrich leather is great to work with. Not a piece is the same and for every piece of leather I look at how I paint it. One time with only one color, the other time with multiple colors at the same time. They are small pieces of art.

Also the other leather that I use for the wallets is dyed by hand.

I do not make wallets as you are accustomed to find in a store. No sophisticated zippers, press buttons, folders or smooth calf leather. I focus on the design and ask myself each time: is it beautiful, it is striking, does it have a wow effect, does it make my heart beat faster, do I want it, is it unique .... Sometimes the leather is somewhat stiff, but believe me, after a while the leather relaxes, adapts to your use and you have a wonderfully soft and special gem to hold your cards.

Tip: are you looking for a special color or do you have a nice idea, please let me know. Because all items are made in our my workshop, special requests can often be included in the 'production' process.