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  • A beautiful morning walking the dogs in Dutch winter wonderland

    Meike - 09 / Jan / 2021

    A beautiful morning walking the dogs in Dutch winter wonderland

    Pictures taken during a first wintersday in The Neterlands

    Walking the dogs in winter wonderland

    This morning I woke up with the rising of the sun. On Saturdays and Sundays I usually sleep in a little bit longer but today I decided to rise and shine and make the most of the day.

    When I got downstairs the sun was just coming through the trees and the whole garden glistened and sparkled. Winter had come overnight.

    I poured myself a cup of tea and just sat there watching the rays of sunlight hit the frozen leaves and dried up flowers in the garden. Joep was there sitting next to me, also staring out of the window. He looked at me with his brown eyes as if to say 'come on get dressed and let's go out'.

    So of we went, fully clothed for the cold weather. The weather was fantastic with a clear blue sky, sure it was cold but that didn't matter. It was wonderful going out during this beautiful day.

    Before we left I just had to take a few picture in our garden. The frost had transformed the garden into an amazing fairy like surrounding. When the first sun rays kiss the frozen leaves and flowers a beauty unravels.

    Dutchiz winterwonderland grass


    Dutchiz Winterwonderland frozen grass crystals


    Dutchiz winterwonderland grass crystals

    We are lucky to live near a couple of beautiful woodland areas. Today we decided to go to an area where there are streams and a some small bridges. Just the right place for a nice walk with the dogs.

    We passed a small water recycling plant that filled the stream with warm water, output from the buildings. It caused a bit of steam and added an amazing effect to the already white wonderland we were walking in.

    Take a look at this video with the sound on and imagine yourself standing on a small bridge watching it and hearing the stream pass underneath your feet. 

    We arrived back home after 2,5 hours. The route usually takes about 2 hours, the delay was my fault. There were so many pictures I just had to take. Here is a 'small' selection of the pictures I took this morning. They remind me beauty is all around us, all you have to do is open your eyes and see.

    Dutchiz winterwonderland Vizsla

    Joep and Puck, our two wirehaired Vizsla's enjoying the morning sun.

    Dutchiz winterwonderland stream


    Dutchiz winterwonderland Puck grass

    Puck hiding behind the grass.

    Dutchiz winterwonderland nature


    Dutchiz winterwonderland waterplanten


    Dutchiz winterwonderland Meike

    A picture of me 'in action'.

    Dutchiz winterwonderland kiss

    Vizsla kisses in the background.

    I am always looking for beautiful spots to take the dogs for a long walk. If you have tips please let me know in the comments :)


    With love,


    • Eveline Eveline 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 18:30

      Beautiful !!

    • Leon Leon 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 16:09

      Beautiful winter walk, next to handcrafting beautiful dogcollars you make fabulous photos also. Thx for posting❤

    • Barbara Barbara 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 13:59

      Gewoon Prachtig

    • Robbert Robbert 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 11:55

      Wat een plaatje, wij hebben gisteren ochtend ook heerlijk met de honden gewandeld.

    • Josa Josa 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 11:12

      Hoe mooi is Nederland . Een sprookje. Kuss

    • Cora Cora 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 10:41

      Prachtige foto's !

    • Elles Elles 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 10:39


    • Esther Esther 09 / Jan / 2021 @ 10:34

      Wow, mooie foto’s! Heerlijk voor de honden, zo’n lange wandeling.

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